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There are '7' companies listed under: 'Building Information Modelling (BIM)'

Badger Meter Europa GmbH

ADDRESS : Nuertinger Strasse 76, 72639 Neuffen Germany

TEL : ++49 7025 92080

Black & White Engineering

ADDRESS : PO Box 27793, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL : +971 4 3652228

ESGI Electromechanical LLC

ADDRESS : PO Box 123332, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL : +971 4 5586145

Fr. Sauter AG (Dubai Branch)

ADDRESS : PO Box 232882, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL : +971 4 3375180

Stepstone Technical Services LLC

ADDRESS : PO Box 242468, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL : +971 4 3967726

Uponor GmbH DMCC BR

ADDRESS : Office #904, HDS Business Centre, Cluster M, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai United Arab Emirates

TEL : +971 4 2424057

Vacker LLC

ADDRESS : PO Box 92438, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL : +971 4 2661144

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