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Profile - Safario Cooling Factory LLC


Safario Cooling Factory LLC (SCF) is part of the Safario Group of Companies; SCF is one of the leading HVAC, Automotive, Industrial and Marine Heat Transfer manufacturing companies in the UAE.

SCF is an ISO 9001:2008 certificated Company and our products are AHRI Certified and produced under strict quality control.

Our products are exported to the Middle East, Russia and African countries. SCF extends after-sales support service to all our customers from the UAE base. Our products are supplied to reputed major international OEM's. SCF products are covered by international warranty on workmanship, material and design.

The Regional office of Middle east- Safario Cooling Factory LLC Dubai, is involved in sales marketing and installation and commissioning support of all Heat Exchanger, Cooling Coils, heating coils, Replacement Coils, Heat Pipes, Chillers, Sheet Metal Fabrication etc., Anti-corrosive coatings etc.

We have a wide reference lists in Automotive, Oil & gas, Marine, Commercial building applications around the world including the Middle East.

Safario Group's other divisions are:

Safario Trading Co LLC - Trading division of Safario Group handles distribution of Sapphire brand Air conditioner products which includes window ac, wall mounted split ac, ceiling/ floor standing split ac, ducted split ac, package air conditioners, water chillers, water coolers, chilled water fan coil units and all other products related to HVAC.

It also offers wide range of HVAC products and some of the well-known international brands like Carrier, Daikin, York, O-General, etc. Safario AC Maintenance LLC - This division of Safario Group of companies undertakes installation, testing & commissioning of all HVAC products. It also undertakes Annual maintenance contracts of chiller units and other HVAC products. The company's qualified field force, (over 80 qualified engineers & skilled technicians), who has vast experience and expertise in HVAC preventive maintenance, and is well groomed to provide customer satisfaction to all their valued customers by their utmost service.

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