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Company Profile - Intercool Central Air Conditioning LLC


InterCool was founded and established as an Engineering and Procurement Company to provide the HVAC/MEP Construction industry with engineered products/systems. High quality products and services are the primary focuses of the company. Engineering solutions and proper application of products take precedence over product sales.

With experienced management, dedicated engineers, and staff lnterCool provides the following services and products:

  • Seismic Specialist for non-structural components
  • Pipe Stress Analysis, Surge Analysis, Hydraulic Analysis, Thermal Expansion and Contraction of Piping
  • Design and Fabrication of Steel Structure Supports for MEP services
  • Vibration and Noise Controls specialist
  • Architectural and Mechanical Acoustics Specialist
  • Air Filtration Specialist for Indoor Air Quality, Commercial and Industrial to control voes, neutralize odors, kills bacteria, viruses and save energy.
  • Air Conditioning Products
  • General and Control Water Valves, PICV butterfly, globe valves and strainers
  • Commercial and Industrial Ventilation Fans
  • Shelter Technology Equipment
  • EIFS insulation system
  • Other HVAC products

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