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GeneralGas Kryon® Refrigerants (EU - Italy) is an industry leader in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sectors, bringing over 40 years' expertise and excellence to our Customers in Europe, Middle East and North America.

Our longstanding partnership with leading fluorochemicals producers has enabled us to develop extensive know-how in RAC and deliver superior quality, innovation and regulatory expertise to our Customers.

GeneralGas range of products and services for the RAC market plays a leading role in helping our customers - OEMs, wholesalers, contractors - to meet and implement their environmental requirements in a changing scenario.

We are committed to provide high-quality products and services; we adopt high quality standards, such as UNI EN ISO9001:2008 and US AHRI 700 specifications.

We offer a full range of fluorinated HFCs and HFOs refrigerants (including 1234yf). Our product portfolio includes lubricants, chemicals, secondary fluids, solvents, tools and equipment for check and maintenance of R&AC systems.

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