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We are currently updating our website. The 2023 edition will be available from the 5th of December onwards.


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About the Directory

Into its thirteenth year, this standalone annual book is a ready reckoner that lists all the players connected to the HVACR industry. The book, in Super-A5 format, is a comprehensive directory of manufacturers, resellers, agents and service providers, so that readers across the Middle East are able to find products in their territory. The book - primarily consisting of product-wise and company-wise listings - offers vendors targeted distribution to customers they need to reach, unlike the usual crowded directory in a general-industry magazine. Today, thousands of consultants, contractors and buyers of HVACR products (including representatives of master developers and developers), in general, consider CCG&D as the most-focused HVACR reference book for the Middle East region. Furthermore, as the only dedicated portal on the regional HVACR industry products and suppliers, its appeal to end-users, contractors, consultants, building owners is growing at a record pace.

Published every November, the book enjoys immediate exposure, thanks to The Big 5 Show, Dubai (, held in the same month. Further, it is distributed at all major HVACR- and construction-industry events in the Middle East and elsewhere, including AHR EXPO, The Big 5 Saudi, The Big 5 Kuwait, WETEX, Project Qatar, IDEA's Annual Conference & Trade Show, ISH, Mostra Convegno, Chillventa, Saudi Air-Con and Saudi Build. In addition, it is extensively distributed through CPI Industry's very own bouquet of marquee conferences and events. In short, it enjoys a year-long shelf-life.

The online version that you are viewing enhances the whole experience through giving you the information at the touch of a button. An additional feature is the opportunity for you to receive up-to-date information, as and when we receive advisories from the listed companies asking for their contact details and other profile information to be revised to reflect recent changes.

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Disclaimer: CPI Industry is not responsible for, or guarantees, the safety, reliability, energy efficiency, IEQ-enhancing properties, etc., of the products listed in this website and in the print book; the onus is on the purchaser to carry out necessary evaluation measures before arriving at a buying decision.