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Duro Dyne Corporation has evolved into the leading manufacturer of sheet metal accessories and equipment for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning industry. Duro Dyne’s extensive research and development program has introduced more new products and processes than any other company in our field. Such things as Flexible Duct Connector, Vane Rail and Blade Kits for multi-blade dampers were originally developed and patented by Duro Dyne Corporation.


The PLSU2 is the latest, most versatile and cost effective Automatic Insulation cutting option in the industry. The gear driven slitter and a pulley driven cross cut blade create a powerhouse to tackle all specialty insulations. This new cutting action will allow the PLSU to accommodate virtually all insulation on the market including closed cell products, cotton fiber, Neoprene, Ceramic Blankets and more.

In addition, the drive rollers now also run in reverse for easier material loading/unloading. The portable controls allow for one machine to work for both ‘Left to Right’ and ‘Right to Left’ flows. The PLSU2 can also be manually operated if desired in addition to automatic operation.

The PLSU2 comes standard with 1 gear driven slitter and additional slitters are available. Convenient flip top Plexiglas guards allow easy access for multiple slitter positioning with new safety sensors on Blade enclosures for added protection. The liner dispenser assembly holds two rolls of insulation with an option to add on an additional 2 rolls as an accessory.

Please contact us today for more details on the PLSU2’s superior cutting capabilities!

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